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What you'll love about Smartpricing

Revenue management software unlike any other

Always up-to-date pricing

Smartpricing dynamically optimizes the rates of each room or apartment type in real time and publishes them on your booking channels. And it does so around the clock, including times when you or your staff are not operational.
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Stay in control

For each calculated price, Smartpricing shows which parameters have been taken into account. You can intervene at any time to maintain control over the rules you have set. Based on your needs, you can change prices one at a time or over multiple dates.
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Easy to use

The software is extremely simple and intuitive to use. The dashboard and various features are designed to make the experience on the platform smooth and eliminate any element of confusion.
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What are the advantages of Smartpricing over other solutions?

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Fallo adesso senza impegno

The most common price management challenges for hosts

Obstacles are inherent to any business.
But which are those impacting price management and therefore your revenue?

Losing money

Without the right revenue management tool, hosts find themselves selling rooms at a lower price than people are willing to pay. In effect, they leave money on the street.

Wasting time

They manage prices haphazardly by watching their competitors or doing it by themselves, wasting valuable hours they could be spending on guests or new growth strategies..

Making wrong decisions

To make correct pricing choices, so many factors need to be analyzed (market demand, destination trends, weather, events, etc.). Doing it alone is impossible.

Still remain with doubt

When the time comes to set a price, they are assailed by doubts: Is this really the best price that can be offered? Is this the correct time to publish it? They can never be sure.

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What happens when you use Smartpricing

Learn how Smartpricing has revolutionized the work (and lives) of your colleagues.

Hotel Palazzo Vitturi

Venezia (VE)
  • +58% Revenue
  • +8% Occupancy
  • +47% ADR
  • +58% RevPAR

Hotel Nizza

Rimini (RN)
  • +49% Revenue
  • +15% Occupancy
  • +29% ADR
  • +49% RevPAR

Tankara Suite

  • +54% Revenue
  • +15% Occupancy
  • +34% ADR
  • +54% RevPAR

Hotel Garden Moena

Moena (TN)
  • +19% Revenue
  • +13% Occupancy
  • +5% ADR
  • +19% RevPAR

Langtauferer Hof

Graun im Vinschgau
  • +50% Revenue
  • +32% Occupancy
  • +14% ADR
  • +50% RevPAR

Garni Kedul Lodge

Santa Cristina Valgardena
  • +18% Revenue
  • +19% ADR
  • +12% RevPAR

How does Smartpricing work?

The software does the heavy lifting, you set the rules and enjoy the benefits.

Collect data

The software automatically collects information internal and external to your accommodation, constantly cross-referencing past and future booking data, market trends in your location, and the impact of events and holidays.

Process, calculate, apply

Smartpricing's algorithm processes the collected data, calculates starting prices, and applies the most effective dynamic pricing strategy based on your facility and market trends. As it does so, it always takes into account the rules or price limits you have set.

Automate publishing

Integration with your management software and channel manager allows Smartpricing to publish price updates automatically and in real time. This saves you valuable time and gives you the confidence of avoiding mistakes.

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Successful hosts use Smartpricing

Find out what how they feel about it

"Smartpricing allows me to sell fewer rooms at a higher price. I earn more and work less, and can now improve my quality of life and seek greater balance."
Eric Merlin
La Forestale (Acqualagna, PU)
"Thanks to Smartpricing, in 2022 I recorded the best turnover ever since I have been running the hotel! I am much more relaxed now."
Franco Francesconi
Hotel Sole e Mare (Camaiore, LU)
"I have saved so much time that I can devote to other activities, such as following up with clients or better managing the marketing department. With Smartpricing I have recouped at least 3 hours of the day."
Erica Rigato
Antica Locanda Sturion (Venezia)
"Smartpricing's artificial intelligence algorithms analyze much more data in real time and suggest better prices than I ever could."
Carlo Sancassano
Hotel Il Perlo (Bellagio, CO)
"In 2019 I had a room I was selling at €180.00 and Smartpricing suggested I raise that to €370.00. At first, I thought I couldn't sell it, but I was wrong!"
Massimo Taurmino
Palazzo Starace (Sorrento)
"Thanks to Smartpricing, I beat every forecast for turnover: in May +39%, in June +41% and in August +60% compared to 2019. Without Smartpricing I would never have achieved these results."
Roberto Astuni
Hotel Alla Corte (Bassano del Grappa)

Find answers to your questions

What is Smartpricing?

Smartpricing is revenue management software that finds the right price at the right time for your rooms or apartments.

How does Smartpricing calculate prices automatically?

Smartpricing's algorithm can collect a huge amount of data (your past and future bookings, the impact of holidays and events, past and future price trends) and use it to identify trends in your market. Based on this information, the algorithm applies the most effective dynamic strategy to your starting prices, increasing or decreasing them continually and up to 500 days ahead.

Who can assure me that the calculated price is the best price for me?

Finding the best price is not always an exact science: there are different outlooks in the world of dynamic pricing, and Smartpricing provides a neutral one. It is neutral because it is based on the constant analysis of objective data, internal and external to your facility. And it is through this analysis that Smartpricing empowers you to more quickly find the price that works for you, at any given time, and based on the characteristics of your accommodation and the market in which you operate.In addition, Smartpricing's algorithm can register any changes and react quickly, adjusting prices accordingly.

What market data does Smartpricing analyzes come from?

Smartpricing connects to your management and channel manager software and collects your historical and future booking data, if available. It then adds on market trends in your location and the impact of holidays and events. This allows it to identify the trends that are most relevant to your accommodation while continually monitoring and updating them.

How does Smartpricing identify events?

The software scans information and online search results, identifying events relevant to bookings in your destination.In the very rare case that an important event is not detected, you can enter it through the dedicated feature. Additionally, you can disable the impact that events already entered by the software have on your strategy.

Does Smartpricing integrate with my management system?

Absolutely, Smartpricing easily connects with major PMS and channel manager, making it much easier to use.

Can I manually tweak the suggested prices?

Of course! Your intervention is important to get the maximum results from Smartpricing. That's why the software gives you all the tools you need to be in full control at all times in a simple and intuitive way.You can adjust your starting prices to best reflect the value of your accommodation, and you can set a minimum and maximum price, for specific dates and/or by room type, which the software will not be able to override. Finally, you can dial the dynamism of the algorithm's strategy: from the most aggressive level with marked price fluctuations to the most conservative with slight variations. With its high level of customization, Smartpricing gives you the ability to pursue each of your specific growth objectives with greater efficacy and ease.

Can I keep prices fixed with long-time customers?

Of course, the software allows you to enter your own rules and exceptions.
We recommend, however, that you adopt dynamic pricing with your legacy customers as well.

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